Who are we?

The Mans Shed was set up back in early 2000’s, when a couple of us were chatting down the pub. We noticed how many guys in Yateley don’t really know each other or don’t have any male friends in the town they live in. 

Grow up

When we ‘grow up’ (as if), for a lot guys; ‘we’ get a job, move in with a partner or get married, have kids, move away from where we grew up and lose contact or regular contact with our mates.

And in this ‘new life’, we get up every day, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed, get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed, get up, go to work ……and on and on it goes.

After a couple of years, that becomes our whole life, and we lose contact with our mates. Sometimes work becomes all encompassing, and we lose our relationship with our family too. And I realise many guys are involved in sport and a bit socialising, but their mates of the past, and in some cases family are a distant past.

Adversity strikes

So, when adversity strikes; like losing your job or your partner, or sickness, even death in the family, those mates, the guys you could rely on, aren’t there anymore; or never where, or they are in the same situation as you.  And at that point, we can break down, crack up and lose it. 


There is an intense pressure on men today, to be ‘perfect’. In body, mind and spirit. In their jobs, in their relationships, In marriage and parenthood. With their mates, their partners, bosses and work colleagues… the list is endless. And sometimes, or maybe many times we fail, we break and we fall…… big time. unable to cope.

Men’s Pub Nites

So ‘we’ decided to start up the ‘Men’s Pub Nites’.  To start with, this was just a social night you could invite friends, neighbours, work colleagues etc to; down the pub, once a month, from 8 till closing. (at the Dog & Partridge in Yateley). Where we would put the world to right’s, talk rubbish for a couple of hours, drink beer…. or coffee and go home. Nothing more…. Noting less.  And through these social nights, we built up friendships and comradeship with other guys who live here in Yateley.

Social activities

After a couple of years, the pub nights turned into social activities like Go-carting, Golf days, paint balling, shooting, axe throwing etc.

The Man Shed
And recently (2014) we decided to call the group ‘The Man Shed’, so as not to be just about going down the pub. Which we still do by the way!

This year (2016) we decided to try and link up other social groups (with a, but not necessarily exclusively male bias), whether that is cycling, photography, cars, motor sport, brewing beer, wood work, keep fit, football, climbing, shooting….. you name it. We are not here to duplicate those groups or replace them, but to build connections between male orientated groups. So there can be cross communication and interaction between groups, with exchange of knowledge and support. I think they call that Community! 🙂

Get involved…
So… If you would like to get involved, whether that is joining The Man Shed Team, coming along to a pub night or activity, or bringing/promoting your group via The Man Shed.  Come and talk to us.

We are also looking for anyone with a particular interest, that they would like to share their knowledge, ideas and thoughts on; via an article on this website or by writing a Blog for us.

Sponsor us
And lastly, If any local businesses out there would like to sponsor “The Man Shed”, we have sponsorship packages to promote your business through us.